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Stucco Mailboxes

Mailboxes Built to Last

Stop looking for home depot mailboxes. Get a custom one, built to last from AFAB Solutions. Stucco Mailboxes. Refresh & Update Your Mailbox.

Stucco mailboxes are popular in the state of Florida not only for their durability, but because they complement the exterior of so many homes. Because mailboxes are affordable for many homeowners, AFAB Solutions has installed these attractive stucco built mailboxes for many years.

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Mailboxes aren’t anything new, but they have stood the test of time for decades. Stucco can be applied to brick, concrete, metal, and wood frames, so mailboxes can be built to your specific needs. You can match your home or blend it into a fence or gate. In the event that your stucco mailbox gets damaged, it is easy to repair and restore! No more inconvenience of waiting days to begin receiving your mail again.


Stucco Mailboxes

When you contact AFAB Solutions about a stucco mailbox, you’ll learn that:

Our mailboxes are custom built to our client’s specifications – no cookie-cutter styles here!
Stucco mailboxes can be matched to both the color and architectural style of your home.
Choose any type of finish or shape to your stucco mailbox that you like.
A mailbox can be either rear opening or traditional opening styles.
We will dig and pour the footer needed for installing mailboxes.
We not only install single residential mailboxes but also build stucco mailboxes for multiple recipients in a single space, making stucco mailboxes perfect for an office or community central mailbox location.
Stucco mailboxes can have planters as a part of the design.
Security boxes can be included in stucco mailboxes.
Stucco mailboxes are easily repaired should they become damaged.

What You Can Expect

AFAB Solutions has a simple and clear process to help complete your project from beginning to end. From the initial consultation to the detailed proposal to design and construction and finally completion of your project, we have all the bases covered. You’ll be informed every step of the way and we guarantee you’ll love the results!

Since we know more about stucco and brick installation and repair than any other company in the Jacksonville, FL area, mailbox repair was a simple integration. That’s because it’s like we’re fixing the exterior of your mailbox, which is what we do every day just on a much smaller scale.

As the best way to install stucco is over a concrete masonry finish, due to the added stability and limited expansion/contraction, we are equally adept at brick installation and repair. That’s not to say that we can perform a high-quality installation or repair over wood-sheathed surfaces. These jobs just require a few additional steps before applying the stucco to reinforce the foundation layers.

We are simply applying our extensive knowledge to the repairing of mailboxes using the same materials we have mastered over many years.

The benefits remain present when discussing stucco mailbox restoration, and the same goes for brick mailbox repair. The cost of brick or stucco mailboxes is less compared to other styles of siding and, because layers of cement are used in the installation of both, they provide a strong and tight seal.

Ever thought how much it costs to repair a stucco or brick mailbox? Well, as there are few DIY options for these kinds of repairs, the cost will significantly increase due to one’s lack of experience and knowledge of the materials involved.

Stucco Mailboxes | Stucco Mailbox

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