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Stucco Crack Repair

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Is your stucco beginning to crack or chip? While hairline cracks may seem like a small issue, if left unattended, it can cause mold problems and even damage to the structure of the house. AFAB Solutions can repair the crack before the damage worsens. 


Stucco Application & Finishes

As we already know, stucco is a material that can show damage over time. To fix this damage, we must apply the right techniques and materials. One of the most popular repair options is an application of polyurethane sealant, which is both protective and resistant. With this sealant, the cracks in the wall are fixed/sealed and you can be sure that the cracks shouldn’t get any worse. 

What most people consider stucco is itself a type of cement mixture made up of aggregates, water, and a binder. It is often considered a thin finish coat, possessing an outermost layer that can be painted. But for stucco to properly work, layers are required, as they act as an excellent base.

Are you looking for a qualified contractor to install or repair a stucco exterior on your new or existing building?  AFAB Solutions specializes in the installation of stucco systems and we have the knowledge and expertise to complete a wide variety of stucco projects.

Stucco Crack Repair

The Three Most Common Types Of Stucco Finishes.

If you want a specific finish for your stucco, contact AFAB Solutions today to learn more about the types of stucco that we provide. Some of the three most common stucco finishes are: dash, lace, and scraped.

Dash Stucco

Dash textured stucco is created with a rough finish that involves small peaks of stucco standing up, creating a rough stucco finish.

Lace Stucco

Lace is a more traditional stucco texture. It is created by spraying the stucco mixture onto a building's surface and "knocking it down" and using a trowel to smooth it out further. The result is lace stucco that is defined by lacy, deep rivulets, and a texture that forgives building flaws wonderfully.

Scraped Stucco

Scraped stucco is the smoothest finish option available.

Why Stucco Crack Repair by AFAB Solutions?

Stucco is an excellent building material for high-humidity areas like Florida. In the past, many constructors used exterior cladding materials that were not stable enough. However, in the last few decades, stucco has served as one of the main building materials for most homes in Florida and other coastal areas.  It is important to know that stucco can show signs of damage, especially after a few years of exposure to the elements.  To prevent or mitigate damage, professional stucco contractors use proven effective methods for installation and stucco crack repair.

AFAB Solutions is a highly experienced stucco contractor in Jacksonville FL, providing residential and commercial stucco installation and stucco crack repair. We are skilled at both new construction and remodeling projects, with the highest quality of workmanship to assure your project will be completed on time. Our crews take care of any size job from small repairs to complete building renovations. So if you’re looking for a reliable company that can provide high-quality stucco services, look no further than AFAB Solutions!

It’s important that we take into account our customer’s needs when performing all of our work. That means we’ll listen closely as they describe their idea and then create an estimate tailored just for them before starting on the project! Call us today to schedule your free estimate!

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